Awards for the 1st AutoImplant Cranial Implant Design Challenge

Highest Ranking Award:

Deep Learning Using Augmentation via Registration: 1st Place Solution tthe AutoImplant 2020 Challenge

David G. Ellis and Michele R. Aizenberg

The augmented dataset of this study can be found here.

Best Paper Awards:

1. Automated Virtual Reconstruction of Large Skull Defects using Statistical Shape Models and Generative Adversarial Networks

Pedro Pimentel, Angelika Szengel, Moritz Ehlke, Hans Lamecker, Stefan Zachow, Laura Estacio, Christian Doenitz, and Heiko Ramm

2. Cranial Implant Design through Multiaxial Slice Inpainting using Deep Learning

Haochen Shi and and Xiaojun Chen

3 . Cranial Implant Design via Virtual Craniectomy with Shape Priors

Franco Matzkin, Virginia Newcombe, Ben Glocker, and Enzo Ferrante

Awards information on MICCAI.